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WaterMark is an Open-Source image manipulation tool allowing you to overlay one image onto another.
With WaterMark, all you have to do is to select a base image, select a watermark, the watermark position and the output file.
Built in Java, Watermark is known to work on both Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms but should work on any platform capable of running Java and Swing.







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Open any image

Set it as the base image (once done, you can't change this)

Set the watermark position (top, bottom, center, left, right, or your own position)

Set the watermark background color (any RGB value)

Set the watermark foreground color (any RGB value)

Set the watermark font (any font name, size and color)

Set the watermark font size

Set the watermark font color

Set the watermark text color (any RGB value)

Set the watermark text alignment (left, center, right, or your own)

Set the watermark font family (any font family name, e.g. "Arial" or "Times New Roman")

Set the watermark word spacing (measured in number of pixels)

Set the watermark text spacing (measured in number of pixels)

Set the watermark pixel spacing (measured in number of pixels)

Set the watermark background pixel spacing (measured in number of pixels)

Set the watermark border color (any RGB value)

Set the watermark border width (measured in number of pixels)

Set the watermark border pixel spacing (measured in number of pixels)

Set the watermark outline color (any RGB value)

Set the watermark outline width (measured in number of pixels)

Set the watermark font outline color (any RGB value)

Set the watermark font outline width (measured in number of pixels)

Generate a thumbnail version of the base image (for preview purposes only)

Let WaterMark do the hard work for you and have the final image ready in no time.
If you're looking for a tool that is capable of creating very high quality images then WaterMark is the ideal tool for you.

WaterMark allows you to place your watermark images on top of background images to add some value to the image.

So how would you use WaterMark to add a watermark into a black & white image?

Is your answer, "That's impossible because b&w images are generally monochrome, so you're stuck with a 1-color image."

Well, you're definitely wrong.

Having a b&w base image, you can place a watermark using WaterMark with a full range of color options

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Watermark is a simple Java image editor. It allows you to overlay one image onto another. To edit an image with Watermark, you select a base image and select a watermark image, where you want the watermark image to be placed. You can position the watermark on the base image and finally save it to a file.
The resulting image can be scaled, rotated, flipped, or mirrored.

I would really appreciate if the author could release the source code for the project as it is now.

There was a good point that was glossed over in the blog post:

With WaterMark, all you have to do is to select a base image, select a watermark, the watermark position and the output file.

Watermark allows you to 'loosely' superimpose an image. This is very useful for a number of things, mostly resizing images to fill a container, as well as allowing the user to manually crop images in order to make them easier to distribute.

A similar application is found in the Ubuntu Desktop team's Shotwell. Take a look at the preview pane, and you'll see that the user can use it to crop, resize and re-order images.

This is similar to a feature which can be found in Picasa, though it is not called 'watermark' (or anything else, for that matter).

And as for the RCS Lite, as far as I can tell, the main issue with it is that it is limited to the current version of the repository:

this documentation is outdated, almost every thig works only with openjdk-6

Now, if it could be updated to the 6b12 version of the repository, or something like that.

The fact that it was packaged for lucid is probably because it was part of the One Hundred Papercuts project. If it was created a few months later, it probably would have been more active.

This is similar to a feature which can be found in Picasa, though it is not called 'watermark' (or anything else, for that matter).

Really? I've always found image editor programs to be terrible for using those three features alone, but they are really the only ones that allow you to do that.

That being said, a part of what I'd like to see from Shotwell is the ability to do 'watermark-like' functionality and other

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1- Select an image in a folder (either already there or dragged on the desktop).
2- Select a watermark image, and a position on the image where you want the watermark to appear.
3- Choose either ‘Auto position’ or ‘Manually position’ to place the watermark.
4- Choose your desired output file format.
5- Click ‘Start’.
6- The program will do the rest.
Key features:
. Auto-detects the alignment of the base image and watermark.
. Accepts any file as a base image for overlaying a watermark.
. Supports overlaying an image on top of any image.
. Supports overlaying an image on the right, left, top and bottom of any image.
. Optional: watermark position can be determined either by time or marker values.
. Tiled image support (watermark overlaying multiple images onto each other).
. Supports adding an image watermark, with or without text.
. Supports adding an image watermark, with text as a piece of watermark image.
. Supports multiple base images.
. Supports multiple watermark images.
. Supports multiple output file formats.
. Thread safe.
. Works on both Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms.
In this tutorial, we will learn how to use the WaterMark open source application to crop an image and overlay a watermark over the cropped image.
We will learn about the different features available in WaterMark and will use the tool to crop an image and overlay a watermark over the image.
This tutorial requires that you have a Java development environment installed on your computer.
Step 1: Prepare watermark image
Open the WaterMark application.
In the image tab, use the ‘Add’ button to add a new image as a base image.
Use the ‘browse’ button to add an image you would like to use as a base image, and select an output file format.
You should use a high quality image, and it should be at least 10k pixels in width.
Step 2: Prepare the main image
In the image tab, use the ‘Import’ button to import an image.
You can use the ‘Browse’ button to import an image you would like to use.
Select the ‘Output’ button to change the output format.
Step 3: Start Water

What's New in the WaterMark?


New in V8.4:
* Logical Shiftleft and shiftright (+ shift1/2/3)
* Support for 32 bit hardware MMX.
* Support for Sparc and Alpha architectures (should work without patch)
* SSE2 support
* Configuration of the reduction number of threads.
* The number of threads can be adjustable in case you cannot use all the cores on your processor.

This package is a simple, yet powerful tool for cropping images. The package comes with 2 main features, which are static and dynamic cropping. In the static cropping mode, the image will be moved to the left, right, up or down while holding it so that it will be the size you want.
Dynamic Cropping:
In the dynamic crop mode, the cropping will be...

With Magichour, you can easily convert your images to look like old old photos, fade, burn, add or remove shadows, contrast, increase or decrease black and white. Magichour is a set of Java classes, which can manipulate images without using any other tool.
No installation is required, you can easily start working with Magichour.
Magichour Features:
Images manipulation with filters...

The ReMergeRemixer is an java software to remaster old and old movies which have lost its soundtracks.
This software will replace the original soundtrack with one of your choice or it will combine the soundtrack of your choice and the original one.
It will allow you to customize the final filename, and add/remove previous soundtrack too.
The user interface is...

One of the core tools of mEdial.NoPlugin is the Annotation Tool.
With Annotation Tool, you can annotate a Drawing object, such as:
- Notes
- Text comments
- Text
- Text based pictures
- Images
- Symbols
You can write in different languages (English, Spanish, French, Chinese, etc.)
Our software can open Drawings (any types) of different formats: DXF, AutoCAD,...

If you are looking for an application that can make your photos look like the old photos, then you should try this application.
MyPhotoRetouching is an easy to use image retouching tool. Its simple and intuitive user interface will allow you to retouch your photos in just a few clicks.
MyPhotoRetouching Features:
* Several


System Requirements For WaterMark:

OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7, Windows 8
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.2 GHz or equivalent
RAM: 1 GB (Recommended: 2 GB)
Graphics: Intel or nVidia GT 220 (64 MB VRAM) or equivalent
Hard Disk Space: 500 MB available space (Recommended: 1 GB)
Processor: Intel Core i5 1.